Frequently Asked Questions

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1 How can I accept donations on Instagram?

After you register with Tipsolink, you simply need to add the PayPal account where you would like to receive donations to. Then, you will be able to accept them right from your Instagram account!

2 Who can tip me on Instagram?

Anybody! They just need to visit your bio page and make the donation by pressing the button.

3 Will people actually make donations?

Of course! If you put out regular content that your followers enjoy, then what better way for them to thank you for your great work than by making a financial donation?

Allowing them to tip you means that you can put the money received towards making more fantastic content that they can watch! Everybody wins.

4 I don’t have an Instagram account. Can I still use Tipsolink?

Yes, you can! Although Tipsolink is developed mainly for Instagram users, you can register even if you do not have an Instagram account and start accepting donations.

5Is it really free?

Absolutely! We offer two packages to our users, with the first one being 100% free of charge. If you want to accept more than $1,200 in tips, then you just need to pay $7.50/month* for the Premium Package.

*The price is for annual subscriptions.

6 How long do I have to subscribe for?

The ‘Starter Account’ is free and automatically renews after one year.

The ‘Premium Package’ can be paid either monthly (at $9.00/month) or you can register for an entire year for just $90.00, saving you two monthly payments!

7 What are the differences between the ‘Starter’ and ‘Premium’ Accounts?

There is nothing you cannot do with the Starter account, but you have some limitations:

  • You can receive up to $1,200 donations in 1 year.
  • You can add up to 5 links.
  • You can customize the style of your page by choosing from a limited selection of pre-made themes.
  • You can access basic statistics.

With the Premium account instead:

  • There are no limits to the donations you can receive.
  • You can add as many links as you want.
  • You can customize the appearance of your landing page in each detail.
  • You can change the Welcome and Thank You message on your page.
  • You can access advanced statistics.
  • You can track the traffic on your Tipsolink page with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
8 How long until I can start receiving donations?

Once you register for Tipsolink, all you need to do is enter the PayPal email you want to accept the donations with, add the link to your Instagram bio and you are all set!

9 How do I start adding extra bio links?
  1. Register to Tipsolink.
  2. You will be redirected to the control panel. Go to "Link" section and start adding the URLs of your webpages.
  3. In the top right area of control panel you can find your personal Tipsolink link.
  4. Copy this link and paste it in your Instagram bio by clicking on "Edit Profile" within the Instagram app.
  5. Now you can redirect your Instagram visitors to multiple destinations!
1 Do I pay commission on any donations I receive?

Nope! Tipsolink doesn’t charge any commissions or fees on any of the donations that you receive. The entire amount donated will be sent to your PayPal account.

*PayPal may apply commissions according to its rates.

2 What happens if I reach the maximum limit of donations?

With the Tipsolink Premium Account, you can accept unlimited donations!

If you have a Starter Account, you can accept up to $1,200 in donations per year. Once you reach that amount, users will no longer be able to send you donations until 365 days from your original registration.

To continue receiving donations, simply upgrade to the Premium Account.

3 What do I need to start receiving donations?

All you need is a PayPal account. Once you have it, just register for Tipsolink and you can start making money!

4 How long before I receive my donations?

The donations will instantly be sent from the donors to your PayPal account.

5 Where do I receive my donations?

Directly into the PayPal account that you provide when you register with Tipsolink.

6 I do not have a PayPal account. Can I still receive donations?

Unfortunately, we only accept PayPal payments at this time.

7 Can I receive Instagram donations by credit card?

All transactions from Tipsolink are managed by PayPal. As PayPal does allow users to pay with credit cards, you can receive donations made by credit card.

Just remember, you can only receive the payments to your PayPal account!

8 How do I connect my PayPal account to accept Instagram donations?

It’s fast and super easy! Once you register with Tipsolink, we will ask you for the email of your PayPal account.

9 What is the maximum Instagram donation I can receive?

There are no limits you can receive through Tipsolink.

However, PayPal may impose limits according to its rules and regulations. You shouldn’t have any trouble receiving any amount under $10,000 though!

10 What is the minimum Instagram donation I can receive?

There is no minimum! Users are free to donate as much as they want to you.

11 Can I set a minimum donation amount?

No. The donation amounts are all controlled by the donors themselves.

12 Can I receive donations from anybody?

You are able to receive donations from anybody with a PayPal account. You can see a list of countries supported by PayPal here.

13 What currency can I receive my Instagram donations?

We offer donations in both USD and EUR. You can adjust your currency by going to the “Settings” section in the control panel after registering.

14 How do I know when I’ve received a donation?

Every time you receive a donation through Tipsolink, we will send you an automatic notification!

You also have the option to disable notifications through the “Settings” section in the control panel.

15 Can I see who makes the donations?

You have the option to allow donors to enter their Instagram username when they make their donation.

You can enable/disable this option on your account through the ‘Settings’ section of the control panel.

In the ‘Donation History’ section of the control panel, you are able to see a list of all the donations you have received. If the donor entered their username, you can see it here.

16 Do I have to thank users who make a donation?

Saying ‘Thank You’ is not necessary, but being kind is always appreciated (and can help you get more donations in the future)!

We recommend publicly thanking your donors to let those who support you know they are appreciated.

17 Can I track the donations I receive?

The ‘Donation History’ section allows you to see all your received donations.

If you have the Premium Account, you also receive access to advanced analytics to track the amounts, donors and more.

18 How many donations can I receive?

That’s all up to you!

Tipsolink users can make anywhere from hundreds to six figures in a year! If you keep putting out great content to a community that supports you, you can be the next Tipsolink superstar.

19 How can I encourage my followers to make donations?

We recommend sharing an Instagram post or story as soon as you register for Tipsolink that lets everybody know how they can donate to you.

Next, you can publicly thank those who have donated to you. This will let others see that they can support you and the appreciation you have for the donations!

Finally, just keep putting out the content that they love and the donations will come.

20 Do I have to pay taxes on my Instagram donations?

Each country has their own set of tax rules and regulations. We suggest you speak to your accountant.

Links Management:
1 Why should I increase my Instagram bio links?

Currently, Instagram only allows you to place one link in your bio. If you want to build your brand by sending people to other profiles, blogs, websites and more, it is a major limitation.

Also, if you receive affiliate income from sending users to your partners, Tipsolink lets you grow your income possibilities with each link you add!

2 How many Instagram bio links can I add?

With our Premium Account, you are able to add as many links as you want! With our Starter Package, you can add up to 5 links at any time.

3 Are all links visible in my Instagram bio page?

Your Instagram bio will include a link to your Tipsolink page. Once there, people will be able to see all your other links.

4 Can I see how many users click on my links?

Of course! The Premium Account allows you to see in-depth analytics including day-by-day visits on your links.

Our Starter Account lets you view the total amount of clicks received on any link.

Premium Account:
5 I have a Starter Account. How can I upgrade to the Premium Account?

You can upgrade to the Premium Account anytime! Just visit the Upgrade section of the control panel.

6 How can I pay for the Premium Account Subscription?

You can pay for the Premium Account via PayPal.

7 Can I make monthly payments for the account?

Yes! You have two options when registering for the Premium Account:

Pay monthly at a rate of $9.00/month


Pay for the entire year and receive two months free!

8 Can I suspend my Premium Account?

If you select the Annual Subscription, your Premium Account will be active until the expiration day (365 days after registering). If you would like to renew after one year, you have to do it manually.

If you choose to pay monthly, your subscription will automatically renew every 30 days unless you suspend it.

To suspend the subscription, you can click the ‘Cancel Automatic Renewal’ in the ‘Settings’ section of your control panel.

9 Can I receive a refund for my Premium Account?

Generally, we do not offer refunds.

However, we do deeply care about the satisfaction of our clients. If you have an issue with our service, please contact customer service and we will be happy to find a solution.

10 What can I customize with the Premium Account?

With our Premium Account you can fully customize the style of your Tipsolink page:

  • Change the colors of any element in the page (background, buttons, texts, etc)-
  • Upload background images.
  • Choose the font for the texts.
  • Adjust borders, corners radius and transparency of buttons.
  • Change the ‘Welcome’ and ‘Thank You’ message on your page.
11 Can I track my traffic with Google Analytics?

Yes. The Premium Account allows you to add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to your Tipsolink page to benefit from all tracking capabilities.

To do so, just access the Settings section in the control panel.

12 Can I track my traffic with Facebook Pixel?

Yes. The Premium Account allows you to add your Facebook Pixel ID to your Tipsolink page to track all clicks and conversions.

To do so, just access the Settings section in the control panel.

1 My followers can no longer make donations. Why not?

If you have a Starter Account, then it is likely that you have hit the maximum donation amount for the year. Once you reach $1,200 within 365 days of registering, your followers cannot donate anymore.

To continue to receive donations, you can upgrade to a Premium Account now for just $7.50 per month. Go ahead, we know you have the money to ;)

2 I can't login to my account. What should I do?

If you don't remember your credentials, you can reset your password entering your username and email address. If you still have problem accessing to your account, please contact us.